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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

It's amazing how many buffs you will get thrown on you when you arrive in a battle zone on your mount. Players from your faction just through everything they have on you, plus you have the added bonus of people tend to follow what the guys on the mounts are doing. So if the mounts charge the 40 plus people behind you charge.

The level 60 rogue that I finished off is one that people are always talking about, mainly because he sat in the back of the bank of IF ganking bankers. I think we proved to around 100 people tonight that he really is not that difficult to beat. He attacks way too many people and attacks the wrong people. For example I had shield wall up and he continued to try and attack me as he was causing a massive 7 damage, I giggled it tickled that much. Then he attacked my fellow guild member who had a holy shield activated from his truesilver champion. Despite the fact this rogue could not touch him he continued to try and attack him as the paladin beat him down from the front and I hammered him WITH MY AXE UDAWG from behind. Another time he tried to gank a low level we rushed in to get him again, once again he went for the paladin with the shield. I used demoralizing shout, sundered him a couple of times then used disarm, he went down quite quickly after that. The guy must think rogues can be used as tanks to play like he does.
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