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Default Re: Problems with V9900/TD or FX5800

Well, after browsing the ORB it would appear that 1600+ 3DM05 score with a 9500Pro would put you around #19 in the world, so that is quite an accomplishment. Most top 20 ORBers were using some sort of modified drivers, extreme overclocking, and likely had cards that would 'soft-mod' to 9700 (I'm guessing).
Having said that, 800 points is about right for a 'vanilla' 5800 at stock speeds. The FX line does not fare well in 3DM05 at all, however the 5800 is a more robust card for gaming than a 9500. In order to get a higher score, you'll need to overclock the card, but don't expect too much- I have a 5800Ultra in one of my machines that barely gets over 900 points at default clockspeeds...
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