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Default Re: Nvidia 6800GT SLI investigation

Test Setup

Athlon 64 3800+ @ 2.4 Ghz
Asus A8N SLI Deluxe
Geforce 6800GT x2 SLI
1 Gig DDR400 (Dual Channel)
71.84 Drivers


3dmark2k1 isnt terribly useful as a benchmark these days for graphic card referencing. All but 1 game test is completely CPU limited on modern graphic cards. However there are a few decent tests which scale well with graphic cards. The first important thing I would note is the Advanced Pixel shader test which makes use of pixel shader 1.4. The Geforce 6 series and SLI do exceedingly well in Pixel shader 1.4. It is also interesting to see how 2 6800GTS exceed 10000+ Fillrate in AFR mode. Quite a feat for modern graphic cards and certainly not something I expected last year!

Profile: Nvidia Custom AFR

Despite the controversary surrounding 3dmark03 on it's release it has still proven to be a popular test. My personal opinion is that Game Test 2 is the most reflective game as it uses similar rendering techniques seen in Doom 3. With the exception of Game Test 1 which is partially CPU limited all tests scale extremely well giving us a hint of how SLI will react to GPU/pixel bound scenerios.

Profile: Nvidia Custom AFR

3dmark05 is Futuremarks latest installment of the legendary 3dmark series. Once again you can see the test is purely bound by the graphic subsystem and unlike 3dmark03 there are no tests which show any real strong CPU reliance. SLI scales accordingly reaching an amazing score of 9000+.

Profile: Nvidia Custom AFR

Aquamark was one of our first alternative DirectX 9.0 benchmarks to 3dmark03 when it was released. This was actually a test that somewhat disapointed me. While i SLI didnt scale as well in this test it still was able to bring the score up by a significant margin. The test increases FPS by about 10 overall. Which is a fairly impressive leap for Aquamark.

Profile: AFR

I wanted to take a closer look at shader performance in AFR mode and Rightmark seemed to be the perfect program to do it. This fully customizable application allows you to test various shader functions with your graphic accelerator. I decided to focus on pixel performance because that is where current games are headed. Most notable is the very strong showing the SLI setup shows with pixel shader 1.4 model. The test nearly reaching 1000 FPS! The pixel shader 2.0 tests also scale exceedingly well. All tests were configured @ 1024x768 @ 100 Hz.

Profile: AFR

As with my prior SLI Article I wanted to test to see if SLI would show any real world benefits to shader limited scenerios beyond benchmarks. Obviously the results speak for themselves. The Ati demos ironically seem to scale better than the Nvidia demos. Another interesting note is how the Nalu demo did not seem to want to exceed 24 FPS. Perhaps a CPU limitation or something else.? I am not too sure. I will have to investigate further.

Profile: AFR
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