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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by vampireuk
It's ability available in defensive stance for the warrior, you need a shield equiped to use the ability. It reduces all damage done by mobs by 75% for 10 seconds, I always use it with challenging shout so I take the attention of every mob around me and they tickle me for 7 dmg each.

It's a hell of a ability when used properly in a group, I used it when we had to fight 4 elite ogres including some ugly ogre boss. Blood rage - beserker stance - intercept - defensive stance - demoralizing shout to attract the attention of the others - challenging shout when the priest heals to keep the aggro followed by shield wall. Dead ogres.
I always prefer the much more stressful tactic of doing exactly that, only using Retaliation instead of Shield Wall. It's loads of fun but if the healer's not paying attention it doesn't last too long. This strategy worked extremely well at the Zul'Farrak troll raid (Divinomatic Rod). Plus it's just fun.
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