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Default SATA-RAID with SuSE 9.x

Hi @ all,

I've got an Asus Mainboard (A7N8X-E Deluxe) with Nvidia nForce2 Chipset.

How does I get the RAID-system working under SuSE 9.x.

Yast tells me:

"Warning: This system has at least one hard disk with a RAID configuration presented by the BIOS as RAID that is in fact a software RAID. [...] The Linux kernel 2.4 supported some if these systems, but the Linux kernel 2.6 does not support them at all."

It seems to me like a bluff package!
I thogut a RAID-controler on a mainboard should be a hardware-solution, but yast tells me another thing!

Did had eqal problems and/or knows how it works?

Greetz doggy0815

P.S.: On the driver-CD are drivers avaiable for SuSE 8.x, but they doesn't work under 9.x
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