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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

My guild didn't know about Retaliation till last nite. I was a lowbie for the longest time since they are upper 40-60s. I hit 39 and had 3 34elites on me. They were coming to my rescue but I flipped retaliation after a sunder and sweeping strikes and took two out right quickly and the 3rd was amost half way finished when they got there. I did need their help since I was taking damage but they were just cracking up at how wild my warrior was going at them. I love it....less cool down time please Blizzard

They also learned another good lesson about warriors. our 42 mage and I dueled while waiting for another in our group and it wasn't funny. He froze me, turned me into a sheep and then the pretty lights came on and it was all over. I got him down to just under a 3/4 left health. They compared that duel to the damage I can do in a mob and finally understood what I was talking about and understood why I was also developing a rogue.

One last thing is that now that I can tank better they see how much FASTER instances can be when we don't have to wait for a damn rogue to stun lock and do what ever else they feel like doing. I just grab two and pull them back and hold aggro nicely while they heal me and help beat up on the elites. We do instances in SM in 15 minutes less time.
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