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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Yeah, I can't stand grouping with rogues that want to be all "strategic" about things. There was this one guy in our guild who would get mad if we rushed in, he wanted to stealth, distract, then sap first. Of course this was in SM in areas where only 2 or 3 mobs would aggro and all five of us were 39+ at the time, so it was really just making the instance take twice as long.
Exactly! They just want to loot them first and then sap them. I said it took me a long time to get to the point where I am really usefull so let me do my job and you come in and give support when we need mob control.

Until last nite they did not realize how much more damage I realy could take even though I may not be able to deal out as much at them since I am 9 lvls lower. That having been said they now respect my aggro control and it is MUCH better than a rogue. I love having rogues with us but just let me grab two and pull them back. It just goes so much faster, especially if we don't get the drop we want at the boss. We have more time to make another run at it.

Either way I am now happy with my warrior for questing. They love having me now. I do say if you use fear in the mob I won't pull them off you. Just be patient and I can pull them off you so u can heal and keep the runners that I don't notice in the mob.

I just like the group and want us all to do our job. I need them and they need me.

The biggest problem is when a priest says RUN! I say just hold on it will be alright. They run any way. So we went into BFD to get a stupid quest for Ironband in IF. We went back to the first pearl quest area and the 31 pally ran in there and aggroed the WHOLE FRIGGIN PLACE. Now I don't mind but there was me a 39 warrior a 41 priest (with shadow form) and that 31 pally. Well They were all on us even the boss. The priest said run and I said stay here and heal me no matter what, just trust me. I flip retalian after sweeping strike and sunder and went to work. I kill all but 4 and hell every one right on me except those four. After that the priest said he will stick in the fight no matter what unless I say run but I don't say run. I just die and run back to the a good warrior should. and just think I get plate armor this evening since I will hit 40 woot.

Oh on summoning the princess me and a pally took her out with no problem. The only thing is it was slow because she gives no rage at all since she strikes slow but that quest was worth 7k YEAHAW!

It was really cool because after last nite everyone was now talking about the end game since I will be the key figure and i like that.
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