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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

I was checking out my build last night and looking at sweeping strikes, while it does look good I don't think it's worth changing my fury build which is serving me well.

Fixing Execute is my biggest concern, I miss it a LOT and losing all of my rage when that happens really pisses me off!
I agree missing execute can be a pain in the arse especially if you are down to low health since you have to build up enough damn rage again to get another execute or club it to death.

Arms Talents (20 points)

Deflection - 3/5 points
Increases your Parry chance by 3%.

Improved Rend - 3/3 points
Increases the bleed damage done by your Rend ability by 35%.

Tactical Mastery - 5/5 points
You retain up to 25 of your rage points when you change stances.

Anger Management - 1/1 point
Increases the time required for your Rage to decay while out of combat by 30%.

Deep Wounds - 3/3 points
Your critical strikes cause the opponent to bleed, dealing 60% of your melee weapon's average damage over 12 seconds.

Impale - 2/2 points
Increases the critical strike damage done by your abilities in Battle, Defensive, and Berserker stance by 20%.

Two-Handed Weapon Specialization - 3/5 points
Increases the damage you deal with two-handed weapons melee weapons by 3%.

Fury Talents (31 points)

Cruelty - 5/5 points
Increases your chance to get a critical strike with melee weapons by 5%.

Booming Voice - 1/5 point
Increases the duration of your Battle Shout and Demoralizing Shout by 10%.

Improved Demoralizing Shout - 5/5 points
Increases the attack power reduction of your Demoralizing Shout by 25%.

Unbridled Wrath - 5/5 points
Gives you a 40% chance to generate an additional Rage point when you deal melee damage.

Piercing Howl - 1/1 point
Causes all enemies near the warrior to be dazed for 6 seconds.

Improved Battle Shout - 5/5 points
Increases the Attack Power bonus of your Battle Shout by 25%.

Improved Execute - 2/2 points
Reduces the Rage cost of your Execute ability by 5.

Enrage - 5/5 points
Gives you a 40% melee damage bonus for 4 swings any time you are the victim of a critical strike.

Death Wish - 1/1 point
When activated, increases your melee damage by 20% and makes you immune to fear, but lowers your defense against all types of damage by 20%. Lasts 30 seconds.

Bloodthirst - 1/1 point
Activates after dealing a killing blow. Your next melee weapon attack deals a 100% increased damage.

What do the warriors here think?
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