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Default Is it worth the money? (TI4200 vs. FX5200)

I'll start from the beginning.. I bought a FX5200 to replace my aging MX420 that had served me since i had it (before that, a Voodoo 5 and a TNT2) but to my despair (but it was cheap on ebay :P) it is 64-bit and that is really killing everything, I think (very low 3dmark score, bad FPS in Unreal Tournament (GOTY).. at lowest settings!) I was only able to nab about 3000 3dmarks in 2001 (don't get me started on 2003/2005..) and the fps is highly unplayable on the large maps i usually play (the MX420 was slightly faster at UT, just enough for it to play good..). Halo is OK, I have gotten used to the low-low settings and 5 (large maps) to 20 (small maps) FPS.. but I like smooth, and this is slideshow-ish.

So, i just bought a Visiontek Ti4200 from eBay, thankfully 128-bit this time. Should I be looking forward to a improvement in my framerates/3dmarks? Or will this card just completly screw me again?

Heh, maybe even a small improvement in HL2? (Very CPU limited, I think, as I only get 4-7fps with the FX5200 or the Voodoo 5 (people have hit good framerates with it.) Or memory limited?)

(If i don't see an improvement, well, a secondary box is always good to have, and my other system could probably use a TI4200..)
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