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Originally Posted by Greg
I briefly used UltraEdit some years back, though I have a friend who uses it. I believe UltraEdit is better (more featured) than Crimson Editor, but Crimson Editor is probably the best FREE text/code editor at present. Here are some other free text editors:

Context (Another excellent editor.)

AnyEdit (Looks good, if it is ever finished, been in development for many years)

Note that these editors are for text and code, so for editing config files, .bat files, scripts etc. they are great. For specific word processing or full on code development, there are better applications like OpenOffice and some code IDEs. I just want something to replace notepad.exe for quick general purpose editing.
Cool, thanks for that Greg. I'll have to stick Crimson Editor on my USB key. The free part is nice and it looks to be a lot better than EditPad and the like. I'll check out the others too. Yes, UltraEdit is crazy on the features. The new version even has collapasble code sections capability.
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