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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

This would be a better build:

Arms 31pts total:
Same except skip Anger Management (it's useless)

Fury 20pts total:
Cruelty - 5/5 points - This is an essential skill, obviously
Improved Demoralizing Shout - 5/5 points - The 25% bonus isn't really that great but it's the best use of your points to get to the next branch
Improved Battle Shout - 4/5 points - 20% increase once you get high rank Battle Shouts actually makes a difference.
Piercing Howl - 1/1 point - Great skill for running away or screwing over PvP opponents
Enrage - 5/5 points - The absolute best skill in the Fury tree, hands down. 40% increase in melee damage for 4 hits (or 15 seconds), this counts for ANY hits, including Overpower and Execute. This activates a LOT, as you get critted a lot more than you may realize. This is an ESSENTIAL skill if you plan on putting more than 5 points in Fury. It's also sick for PvP, especially against Rogues. Their high crit rate ensures that Enrage will activate, and every Rogue uses Evasion when fighting warriors. For some reason they don't realize we have Overpower, which is hilarious. Anyway, when you combine a hard-hitting 2-hander, Improved Overpower, and Enrage, you end up having a rather nice "I win" button against stupid rogues. I've never lost a duel to a rogue. I've since respecced though since I needed Mortal Strike and a little more flexibility (I'm 31/5/4 right now, planning on 31/5/15). Still for an Arms/Fury build, that's about as good as it gets. Improved Execute and Booming Voice are a complete waste of points, IMO. Also I would drop the 20/31/0 build, it's not at all effective compared to 31/20/0 or 31/5/15.
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