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Default Re: Is it worth the money? (TI4200 vs. FX5200)

Ah, thanks for the speedy replies on this! Yeah, this cpu and mobo are in a definate need of upgrading, and the 256mb is temporary. I had 768mb in here at a time, but the stick of 512 was causing stability issues (it wasn't fun playing games in 10-minute shift!) so I took it out.. I think a good stick of 256mb from Newegg will be enough to get this working much better. I am also looking at a Nforce2/Sempron combo, although this probably isn't the right topic to discuss it in. Say I ordered this combo (I'm tight when it's comes to a budget), how much more improvement would I be seeing now.

Perhaps i'll borrow a friend's old 5900 ultra for the weekend, just to get _some_ gaming in. Playing halo right now, it seems tedious because of the speed but it's playable.

And cooliscool, it's a 1.3ghz. But the setting is weird. 99.4x13.0 There's gotta be a way to get that changed.

The TI4200 has just a stock Visiontek fan, circular. (see auction here) What kind of speeds could I be looking at? I can't tell my current temps of the case, but i'm sure they can't be that high (hard drive usually stays around 29c (doesn't seem right?), onboard temps are stuck at 22c) and there's good airflow in my case (2 psu fans, 2 intake and 2 outtake)

quick edit: I'll post some timedemo/benchmark results of before and after I get the card in, to see how much it improved the system (for the people that are wondering)

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