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Default Re: nVidia Linux Driver support for mobile video cards (Geforce* Go)...

On my HP zv5410US, none of the nvidia modules work. Using kernel 2.6.11 or 10 or 9 and 7167 X just comes up with a blank screen. Ctrl-Alt-Bks works though. Looking through the X log, it shows nearly every single resolution as out of range for H or V sync. Only 1024x768 and lower show as working. But this is a wide screen, and none of the "default" acceptible resolutions work.

Now, the nv driver will at least get me a screen, but it's a virtual one. 1024x768 extends beyond the bottom, but at least it works. Now, as for the detection, it's plain wrong. It shows Horizontal Refresh rates as between 29 and 49 Khz, and vertical between 0 and 60 Hz.

According to HP, the rates should be:
H: 31.5-70Khz
V: 40-60Hz

I tried using the NVReg_SoftEDIDS and Mobile options, but they did not work. Downgrading to 6111 will not work with kernels 2.6.10 or 11 and don't work right in 9.

Not sure where to go here. I'm not too unhappy since at least I got the wireless networking going!

But this video business is frustrating. On the desktop, 7167 works like a charm.
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