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Well I've played about 7 hours of it now and I don't think I'll bother with it much more. I expect that it would be more noob friendly when you have a manual to go with it but it really was frustrating to get into. Some of the objects you collect I had no clue what to do with, some quests were just too ambiguous and the locator for where to go to complete quest was annoying. Is there anyway to get this to show in the full map? Although I do admit I am hardly an RPG junky.

Why does everything cost so much? And yet sell for so cheap, why do I want a crappy weapon that will cost 100gold and a few of my items? I only got up to level 7 and I got to the stage where I wasn't gaining any xp from low level enemies, so it forced me to go further outward to get xp :/

Graphics however were very nice in almost every regard while it ran brilliantly with virtually no load times between zones. Monsters look nice and seem varied.

Not sure what is up with the skills trainers, you go to trainer A whom you have gotten skills off who sends you to trainer B to get more skills, but you have skills from trainer B, and ironincally he sends you back to trainer A.

I didn't even join a guild and only half the time did I actually team up with anyone but it was fun at times nonetheless. Even though I had heard this game wasn't rewarding you on time spent I see exactly that, it takes a long time to go anywhere unless there is a city nearby. 7 hours for level 7 is really slow but I think the max is level 20 so it's not too bad. Perhaps I need to join a guild and just fight other guilds or something?
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