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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

We should have a "Share your Kill Experince ( hold the bs please )" sticky for WOW.

Character nfo: lvl 23 shaman/tauren

So I'm pretty spazzy at the moment since I got a good taste of pvp'ing with my shaman. I've had some fights with my druid and my priest, but I've been grinding out levels with my Shaman and he hasn't seen much of the enemy.

That changed, when a lvl 27 Hunter and a lvl 24 Mage was heading to TB (Thunder Bluff if your alliance only). There was a TB raid there earlier that got bounced in the blink of an eye. I guess these guys were late for the party.

I came up on one in ghost wolf form ( plus 40% run speed ) and jumped on mage when he stopped for a moment. Half his health was gone after a frost shock (decent dmg, slows run speed) and wacked him upside his head. He rooted me and got some distance. In that time my shouts were ready again and interupted his cast. Pop'd out of root and he ran. I switched to ghost wolf and chased him down. He rooted me, but I had a break-root totem down (can't remember the name, but that is what it does) and kept moving. He nuked me, but I shouted him again and beat him down. I'm not sure where the hunter was at while this was happening, but I started getting shot right before the mage died.

I healed myself and ran at him. I dropped some totems, drank a health potion and beat him down. It came pretty close, but his pet was pretty low lvl for some reason and wasn't doing much damage. I had to heal myself quite a bit and there was some running around which gave me a chance to use first aid and another mana potion.

All in all, it was a great fight for me. I'm suprised I didn't get smacked down due to the 2-on-1 and both having a few levels on me. I'm thinking these guys are fairly new as there was alot they could do to beat me down that they didn't. I was also hitting them quite hard, so I'm thinking their armor wasn't up to par either.

I'm feeling pretty stoaked atm. Thought I'd share.

-- jolt
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