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Default Re: nvidia ti4600 - does it support 1680 by 1050?

Originally Posted by cbiehl
hi everyone

i hate to have my first post be a question post, but i am really stuck. i recently purchased a dell 2005 FPW and i cannot get into the resolution of 1680 by 1050.

i made sure i had the latest monitor driver from dell and i updated my nvidia drivers as well. the closest resolution i can get to is 1600 by 1024.

i am using the dvi connection to my vid card, and am using windows xp prof.

is there anyone else out there that has my monitor and vid card and can get to the resolution i need? if so, what nvidia drivers are you using? this is driving me crazy!

thanks for any help you can offer.
Hiya, I can get the Ti 4600 at basically every resolution all the way up to 2048x1536 and works fine. As far as 1680x1050, you'd have to create a custom configuration with the current nvidia drivers to do that. Download the latest forceware drivers and manual off of nvidia's website.
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