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Default Re: nVidia Linux Driver support for mobile video cards (Geforce* Go)...

Hmmm... Not going to read the entire thread but I've been having the same problems ever since the 5.x series drivers were released... Can't say that I've really tried the newer 6.x drivers... In my case, trying to start X, I get the black screen. I have an Inspiron 4100 w/ Geforce2 GO 32mb...

On a side note, suggesting that Geforce2 GO cards are "OLD" and thereby dismissing the problem is almost laugable. Your suggesting that all these people buy new laptops? Because, yes, they are integrated with the motherboard. I spent 1700 dollars on this thing 3 years ago and I'm not going to dish out another 2k just to have a laptop where the drivers will work.(If they work)

I'm not sure why Nvidia hasn't fixed the problem and quite frankly, it irritates the hell out of me. Nvidia won't even support laptops in the slightest when it comes to windows. I suppose we are lucky they do in Linux, albeit somewhat loosely...

Anyway, the nvidia driver causes a kernel oops on "older" geforce cards resulting in you having to clamp down on the power button. 4620 and below aren't plagued with this problem. If your running a 2.6 kernel, has some modified 4.x drivers on their site.

If you want to see a bad mood, try running outdated nvidia drivers for 2 years or so because Nvidia doesn't care enough to fix the problem... Thats a bad mood...
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