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Default Re: I made a new smiley... will NVNews use it?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
Any requests for smilies? PM me if you have an idea...

Im just for an excuse to do something with graphics

EDIT: Holy crap, I didnt realize this thread was from 2003... sorry for resurrecting such an ancient thread, I still have the link in my sig so I just figured I recycle this one
LOL I saw this thread and thoug "hmm a new smilie, lets take a look at what a captn' made" Then I saw ur flame smilie and started cracking up.

We need a smilie that conveys a persons sense of wonder, awe, amazement at how insane or stupid a particular post is. We have good ones but I am looking for a smillie that really captures the essence of wft?... I really like this one but we just need another one to compliment this classic.

This is still the best smilie we have to date It is perect in every way. Clay hit this smilie out of the park.
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