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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Heres a good one, I hit 52 yesterday and Im sitting in Duskwood helping a friend of mine. Someone shouts Horde so I say where and go check it out. 36 Orc Hunter, 46 Tauren Shaman and a 51 Tauren Shaman. I party with a 48 warrior, I go for the 51 and the other two go after him. He gets maybe 2 hits on the hunter and one on the lower shaman and hes dead. In the mean time I have the 51 shaman just about dead, and he dies the same time as my partner. So its me and abotu 3/4 life vs a 36 and 46. I give the hunter 2 sinister strikes, they both crit which was cool with me, and my thrashblade proc'd giving me 6 hits on him in a few seconds and he was dead in about 3 seconds. Then I vanished, cheapshotted the shaman, followed by 2 sinister strikes and an eviscerate and he was dead, and I was around maybe 1/4 life. The level 28's and 30's around me started to clap, it was a fun time
Rangers lead the way.
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