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Default nforce audio drivers - any help?

Ok, firstly, I have had Fedora Core 3 installed on my machine for about 2 days and up until now everything has been fine and dandy. FC had the LAN and audio working straight off the install which I was very impressed with.

After installing the graphics drivers, I also installed Doom 3 to check out what the performance would be like on Linux. However, once I get into the game.... no audio....

I DID have audio fine in FC (i.e: I could play MP3's and little sound effects occur here and there in KDE) so I assumed that the audio would work in Doom. However it didnt.

So I installed the nforce audio drivers onto my system (I have a G-B mobo with nforce 3 - integrated audio) and followed the instructions here:

after doing so, upon next reboot I had an error box pop up saying that a certain directory did not exist for the audio drivers. I then checked all the paths that are in the changes of the installation and I have found that:
does not exist on my system and yet the changes set out at the NVIDIA site point to this location... Has anyone else had this problem?

Do I need to re-install the drivers or any other software?

Any help is greatly appreciated...
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