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CPU matters very little in 3DMK05, i swapped out my xp3200+ for a 64 3500+ and my 3DMK05 scores never changed one bit, here's a breakdown of how my CPU upgrade affected the scores in 3DMK01, 3DMK03, 3DMK05 and AM3:

3DMK01:18,151===>22,685(25% increase)
3DMK03:11,399===>12,118(6.3% increase)
3DMK05:4,856====>4,864(within variation)
AM3: 53,775====>64,995(21% increase)
I benched my setup before and after the upgrade using the same driver and settings of course(driver: 67.03)

Anyway, i score anywhere from 4,8xx to 5,3xx depending on which driver i use, that's using default settings in the nVidia Control Panel(Image Setting = Quality), the highest scoring drivers i have used are the 75.90's which give me about 5,300 with no o/c's
WinXP Home Edition SP2/Athlon 3500+Newcastle/MSI K8N Diamond/BFG7800GTX OC/Antec 550TrueControl 2.0/1GIG DDR400Kingmax/Acer AL2016W LCD/SB Live!/Audigy2 ZS
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