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Default linux x86-64 install checklist or FAQ

MOBO is msi nforce4 ultra chipset
grafx card is xfx 6600GT PCI-e

linux noob will attempt linux install and i have the following cheklist which im sure would benefit from experts here.

Please educate me


1. choose x86 64-bit distribution for AMD 64 and nVidia nforce4 chipset
a. install OS from SUSE dvd Or
b. SUSE 9.2 ISO downld OR
c. Redhat FC3 ISO downld <-- my choice
2. Install from DVD with bios set for "boot from CDROM"
hope that install to SATA drive is OK

partition the drive according to OS
install's defaults or according to best practice
3. install nvidia system drivers included with MOBO retail package
for MSI K8N included on cD's boxed with MOBO

4. check the onboard networking
hope that you connect to LAN & WEB

5. upgrade linux Kernel , but from which distro?
a. get kernel upgrade from the web ( 2.6.11 ) x86 64 bit version
download the 4 ISO images from Fedora ( FC3 )
FC3-x86_64-disc1.iso ( 2,3,4 )
b. get SUSE 9.2 kernel:
6. upgrade nvidia system drivers ( NFORCE )
Linux AMD64 Drivers Latest Version: 1.0-0301

7. upgrade nvidia grafx drivers
Linux AMD64 Latest Version: 1.0-7167
FC3 nvidia docs
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