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Default Re: Is it worth the money? (TI4200 vs. FX5200)

Yes, expect a big improvement with that Ti4200.

On my old setup, I had a KT266A paired with a T-Bred 2400+ @ 2.1GHz, 512MB PC2100 and Ti4200 128mb at 280/550. With that, I would get around high 10k's in 3d01, or just barely 11k I think.

Halo ran fine on that rig. 800x600, all settings on/highest with specular off, I would get 50fps most of the time (average around 45-50fps).

UT2004 at 800x600 with medium also ran around 60fps.

Also, there's no 64-bit GF4 Ti's, not as far as I know. What you should do with your setup is get another stick of 256MB PC2100 if you can, grab a cheap nforce2 if you can (like shuttle an35n ultra), and get a second hand xp-m 2400+/2500+ for like $50. You'd prolly get like 2.4ghz out of that with a 266-280fsb so you run your memory 1:1 sync. That would be a huge improvement.
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