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Default Re: Is it worth the money? (TI4200 vs. FX5200)

Originally Posted by MustangSVT
You should really use older drivers with a card like Ti4200. Try using the 56.72 set and see how it works out for you.

For games like BF1942, UT2003 (pre-2003/non-dx9), the best drivers would be something like 44.03 (or something like that, 44.67 I think). But for games like Halo, UT2004, BFV, PoP, (any newer game from 2003 and on), 56.72 is best.
I'm still using my FX5200. My Ti4200 should be coming in later this week/next week (UPS ground shipping, plus a paypal echeck.. ) Older drivers like the 44.03, 56.72, etc. are worse then these drivers (very few FPS difference), except with the flickering which is exactly the same (and in about the same frames, as far as i can tell)

So far i've benchmarked the FX5200 with Halo, Quake 3, Quake 2, CoD, Half-Life 2, UT2003, and 3dmark2001. I might consider getting some quick free hosting and put this Word file up as a HTML file. It could be interesting just to look at and compare...

EDIT: Set up a quick site with the FX5200's current benchmark result.
2nd EDIT: Note that all the benchmarks for the Ti4200 haven't been run yet, as I don't have the card in my hands right now.

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