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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Warrior or Rogue.

I'm up in arms in which one to make my alt and sink alot of time in to. Regaurdless I want a pure melee character so it's one or the other.

I do have a 31 rogue and absolutly love the ganking capabilties of him in pvp. The down side is the weak armor rating and he dies fairly easy.

I started a orc warrior this weekend and my concern is the misses this guy pulls. Between, misses, blocks, deflects, parrys it seems like I'm hardly pulling any damage. Is this a known issue or just the way it is with warriors.

Now I downloaded a warrior video that someone made and posted at the classes forums at the wow webside and this guy was kicking some major ass.

Anyone play both to a high lvl and have any advice in which is better. I'm looking at it more for PVP, I'm not to concern with grouping and instances.
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