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Hey Bud

You need at least 4 partitions


Note that swap should be the amount of RAM you have.
You don't really need boot (especially THAT large, 70 megs is enough). You don't need boot because you can install LILO (linux boot loader on hda, your first hard drive). This will boot both Linux and Windows

I don't know your system architecture but I've done some different LILO configs in past and putting LILO into MRB is the best thing IMO. Remember to have those 4 partitions

Unwritten "Rules"

So what kind of partitions should you make? It is always a good idea to make the swap partition first so you specify an exact size for it. It is also a good idea to make seperate partitions for /, /home, and /usr. People will tell you many things about how to divide up your disk, but it really comes down to what you want. There are many good reasons to breaking it up into /, /home, and /usr. For example:

Home directories are always on their own partition and you can upgrade the distribution without having to backup the home directories.
/usr is where software goes, so you can keep that whenever you upgrade distributions.
The root directory should really remain untouched, except for the modified files in /etc and root's home directory.
Others may tell you that you must have a seperate /var partition so log files won't fill up the root filesystem or so that the mail spool gets its own partition. Really, the choice is yours. Experiment with it, you can always change it later.
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