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Default Re: Is it worth the money? (TI4200 vs. FX5200)

To illustrate your feelings on your mobo:
"ATI's Radeon IGP 320 combined with the FIC AT-31 motherboard, to put it nicely, is a terrible platform. We haven't had so many problems with a motherboard crashing and giving us strange scores in years, which certainly makes our job interesting, but at the same time, makes us feel sorry for those out there who pick up this platform"
sorry for you bud.

I recently made a few modifications to my GF's comp. So I looked through a lot of mobos and videocards. I think you would get a huge improvement in performance with one more stick of PC2100 and a mobo like: MSI KT6V-LSR SOCKETA KT600
Its cheap and reliable from what I read. And supports pretty much all socket A cpus.

Of course, changing your whole setup is a good idea too. But cheap ram and a cheap mobo could be all you need.

And again, I cannot stress enough the fact that Halo looks like crap and runs like crap on every setup I've tried. From P3 1.6GHz to P4 3.4GHz with crazy 1GB ram running at insane speeds, a testosterone shot GFFX 5900, with shaders enabled or not, there's just no way to make Halo run good. Gimme UT2k4 and FarCry over it anytime.
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