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Default Re: MSI 5200 TD128 128bit or 64bit?

Unfortunately I can't answer your question about that msi card being 128 or 64bit...its getting pretty confusing these days to find out which manufacturers are using 128bit memory or not (on the lower end cards). How much is that card going to cost anyways? For $121 New egg has some Leadtek geforce 6200's that should be a ton better than a 5200. Here's the link: Although, it looks like everyone on new egg is saying not to use the driver on the CD and to download the current one from the Leadtek site...or maybe the current one from the Nvidia site would be fine too. If $121 is a bit pricey then maybe just a geforce 5700LE would be fine...its still much better than a 5200 and its only $81 (and its supposed to be 128bit). Here's the link to that: Hope some of this helps.
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