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Default Re: Suse Linux 9.2 & Asus Extreme N6600GT

I did what you do but it gives me the same error.

When I do "uname -a" the output is "Linux linux 2.6.8-24.11-smp #1 SMP Fri Jan 14 13:01:36 UTC 2005 i686 i686 i386 GNU Linux"

And when I do "ls /usr/src/*" the output gives me this directories: /usr/src/linux; /usr/src/linux-2.6.8-24; /usr/src/linux-2.6.8-24-11;
/usr/src/linux-2.6.8-24.11-obj; /usr/src/linux-obj; /usr/src/packages.

I've downloaded everything from Yast and all but when I run the nvidia driver installer is says the same error message :S

Thanks for the help.
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