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Default Re: Overclocking & Voltages.

Originally Posted by jimmor
There is no need to change AGP voltage from its norm of 1.5v, unless you are overclocking the mobo AGP bus. So leave AGP voltage alone if only concerned with overclocking your vga card.
Okay thanks again.

Originally Posted by Daneel Olivaw
Punisher, I don't want to sound like an ass but... you put case fans on their own 350W PSU? Heck, your whole rig would do fine on a single 300W PSU...
I'm not using really killer PSUs so although its rated as 420 & 350 its actually a bit lower than that. Maybe around 390 & 320 only. So to keep my 420 from straining due to 6 case fans I added an old 350 just for them. I intend to upgrade to a killer 550w monster some day when I have the cash.
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