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Default Re: Is it worth the money? (TI4200 vs. FX5200)

Umm, about Halo... I've had it running absolutely fine on an SDRAM based XP1700 rig with 256mb ram and a GF2ti... with the DX7 path it ran fine and smooth @ low settings @ 8x6...

8x6 with all the details kicked up, including specular was also attainable in a 512mb rig with an XP1700 @ 1.9... and a GF3 64mb... There were a few hitches in gameplay, but... the same rig with a GF4ti ran the same without the hitches... and a 5900 in that rig allowed for 10x7 and a little AF...

A 5600NU ran Halo just like the GF3 in a similar rig, and a 5600u AND 5700NU allowed for the use of some AF... and a 5700U, well, you can do 10x7 but it gets a bit jerky, so 8x6 with LOTS of AF is fine for that card IMO...

IMO Halo is very scalable... and I'm even speaking of the original version, not the CE edition... I know, I'm one of the few people that don't say it runs like crap, but hey, resolution isn't everything IMO... I played a few great LAN games of Halo with that 15" monitor/1700/SDRAM/GF2ti combination, and I got a good constant 30 fps and had a great time...

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