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Default Re: BFG 5500 128mb OC 128bit or 64bit?

Originally Posted by dazed343
BFG makes a 5500 128mb OC card that I was thinking about picking up for my dad instead of the 5200 he was set on. Thing is I don't want him to get a 64bit card and although I know most 5500's are 128bit mem, this BFG card only has 4 mem chips in an I shap not the L that's usually 128bit. So... does anyone know off hand if this card is in fact a 128bit mem? Thanks in advance.
Just wondering why your getting him so alowend card, I figure he's not a gamer and if not a 5500 is not a real upgrade from a 5200, Just wasteing money, Save a little more money if need be and move up to a 6600 or 6800. And do a little research if money is tight and maybe get a Ati card, there are a lot of good cheap cards out there now.

Well good luck with whatever you decide!!!
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