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Default Re: BFG 5500 128mb OC 128bit or 64bit?

Originally Posted by dazed343
Well that sucks... Its hard to tell now which 5500 and 5200's have 128bit mem. 99% of the manufactures don't post the mem specs but then I guess they don't want you knowing its 64bit. Do you know of any cards 5500 or 5200 that are 128bit?
You could take a rare chance that [place favorite auction website here] has the 128-bit versions (I don't know who makes them specifically). Always ask if the person could run Rivatuner (or similar) to see if it's 64/128-bit first.. could get lied to, you never know.

(I did that with my Ti4200, and a friend did the same with his FX5xxx (700LE? I don't care now..) too, IIRC)
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