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Default Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86-64 released

I've just run some tests with off-screen rendering (via Java3D), and compared to the last release, performance seems to have dropped badly. Anyone else suffered from this?
Kit: dual opteron, GeForce Quadro FX 700 (AGP - think it's a 700 model! 128Mb RAM on board)

e.g. tri-stripped dataset (approx. 950k triangles, ~2k nodes in scenegraph) was 35.8 mtri/sec, is now 11.8 mtri/sec!!!
Other egs: 500kpoly dataset (~22k nodes in scenegraph) was giving 3.2 mtri/sec, now 2.7 mtri/sec

Odd! :-(

On the other hand, the old RIVA TNT cards now work again :-)

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