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Default hiya baby!!!!

yea, now i can install the package..., sorry but i dont understand in the first days for what i need the source of the kernel..

you need the source, i think all the instructions are right, but need explain that you need the source , for build custom devices. or some like that.. drivers or your personal OS, ok, i think almost all.. maybe have the same problem, first you need execute the command for know your.. profile..
i dont remeber all commands but are in the readme. like cat /usr/.. or XFree86 --version.. if you need compile the kernel (like me) you need the source of your actual kernel and if you have. proceed to install, thanks keung for the help. and thx all for readme

almost .. a finall word.. i think.. for finall user comunity.. Linux are a lot far for a real challenge in the world vs MS Win, need.. more short howto and whyto , but its nice.

cya, and have nice days in this year,.. and the next years.

thx alot.

later i try the i686 thx for the tip.
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