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Default Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86-64 released

Originally Posted by dr-grim
I've just run some tests with off-screen rendering (via Java3D), and compared to the last release, performance seems to have dropped badly. Anyone else suffered from this?
Kit: dual opteron, GeForce Quadro FX 700 (AGP - think it's a 700 model! 128Mb RAM on board)

e.g. tri-stripped dataset (approx. 950k triangles, ~2k nodes in scenegraph) was 35.8 mtri/sec, is now 11.8 mtri/sec!!!
Other egs: 500kpoly dataset (~22k nodes in scenegraph) was giving 3.2 mtri/sec, now 2.7 mtri/sec

Odd! :-(

On the other hand, the old RIVA TNT cards now work again :-)

I noticed a significant slow down down with the ("old") Enemy Terrirtory.

My FPS dropped from an average of 60 with the 6629 driver to about an
average of 15 FPS with the 7167 driver.

I went back to 6629.

This is on a Compaq 3000Z laptop with a AMD64 3000+ and
a 64MB Geforce4 440 Go.

At some point I'll study this more using the benchmark
described here:

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