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Default The strangest problem in the world.

I have a four headed system with four Riva TNT2 64MB cards. My configuration is okay and I know a bit about multi headed systems.

The problem is that sometimes the system stops reponding (num lock doesn't respond and such) but (please grasp yourselves) there is a way to bring the system back and make the system work ok!!

What is that magical way??

To ping the system!!

I'm really impressed with this problem and I'm seeing that this could be a Guiness World Record for strangest problem in the Nvidia cards area.

We suspect of a driver problem but we accept any clues for this misterious problem.

Thanks for anyone who could help us with clues as to what the heck ping could have to do with the system stopping completely. The systems only runs with a remote machine pinging it and if you stop the ping on the remote machine it stops too... this is plain strange.

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