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Default Maybe a SLI problem


I have found a problem that may be due to the SLI configuration.

I have an Asus A8N SLI deluxe motherboard with 2 6600GT SLI connected. I have installed the nvidia 7167 driver on my debian testing with a 2.6.10 kernel.

All the system works great. XFree starts with no problems and I can play doom3 at full speed.

There are some problems with some older games, in particular homeworld and soldier of fortune. When I start one of those, the screen switches from 1920x1200 to the game resolution going full screen but only the upper half of the screen is filled. The lower half remains black. If I exit from the game the screen returns back to its 1920x1200 with no problems.

I suppose that the nvidia module is using the SLI because it prints the message:

(II) NVIDIA(0): Detected PCI Express Link width: 8X

But it also prints a warning about the second card:
(WW) NVIDIA: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:2:0:0) found

even if there is a second DEVICE section in XFree config file.
In any case, I don't think that this is the problem because doom3 works.

Any ideas?

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