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Default Re: Nvidia 6800GT SLI investigation

Originally Posted by JimBobb
That will remain a secret by Nvidia...
It exists no profiles in the Forceware however it seems an automatic recognition to have. One does not have to rename the bia.exe otherwise seizes the AFR2 mode correctly.
With default Settings you becoming 20-30 fps with AFR2 Mode (and rename the .exe) 35-55 fps with all Details incl.HDR @1600x1200 16xAF
hmm i just tried that trick & got a considerable performance improvment , but guess what ? .. the extra performance came from the fact that AF wasnt working when renaming the .exe file . as soon as you force AF from the control panel the ugly performance is back
i dont even see a SLI advantage in this poorly coded game .
i can barly play it @ acceptable framerate @1600x1200,8xAF . HDR or "soft lighting" is off becuase it dosent make the graphics look any better . it even make it look worse . a WWII game with dreamy look ?? no thanks .

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