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Default Doesn't anyone make a 128bit memory PCI graphics card anymore?

I'm basically just desperately trying to find a pci video card with actual 128bit memory for my friend's dell which has no agp slot. We ordered the apollo 5700le pci but found out it only had 64bit memory with riva tuner. We also ordered and tried the Jaton 5700le pci and riva tuner reported that it only had 64bit memory too...even though it was advertised to have 128bit memory! We also ran a little benchmark too just to make sure the memory bandwidth on that Jaton was really 64bit and sure enough the benchmark showed about 3.2GB/s memory bandwidth. And a lot of the pci 5200's and 5500's seem to be 64bit now as well where I don't think all of them were before. What's the deal...are there any 128bit pci cards out there anymore?
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