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Default command line arguments 7167 MDK10.1

Trying to install the 7167 driver package under mdk 10.1, after a complete reinstall.
Strangely the last ime it managed to identify the kernel source with no probs, this time however, the installer is exiting after not finding the correct kernel source code tree, I have the ld utility installed, I have identified (I think anyway), the correct kernel source and it seems to be located in /boot and is named kernel.h-
I have tried to point the way to this file with:
./NVIDIA- -kernel.h- option but it still exits with the same error.
my questions are:
1. am I looking in the right place? I have copied the package to this folder /boot hoping this would help.
2. what are the exact options to run which will show the installer the right folder, I have tried ./ -kernel.h- -/boot and it gives me an incorrect usage error.
I am totally knew to linux. So the command line argument busines is a new experience for me.

I have tried searching for a solution in this forum but I am getting tons of results and all those "congratulations nvidia" messages are a bit of a waste of space imho.
It would be a really good idea if specific problems and results were weeded out and listed seperately to save those troubleshooting a bit of time, it would save many repetitive questions too.
I really need to get this up and working my card, geforce4 Ti 4200 keeps freezing with the stock mdk drivers and a few bad shutdowns have borked the odd file.
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