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Hello, i got Driver 3 :P for PC
it looks like a fun
( i just don't like to controls.., they are all over the place)

But i'm a bit suprise.... since the quality ( well the graphics) isn't that good!
It looks worse then GTA 3 ( and vice city)
so i was wondering is there any way i could tweak the game??

I'm running the game on my gaming system... ( the one with GF 4 Ti 4600)

BTW, i was thinking to upgrade my computer...
now which one do you recommand :P
1) should i just upgrade my Graphic card ( get a 6800 GT or 6800, or Ultra)
2) wait and buy a SLI motherboard and get dual 6800 GT or ultra ?

If you wondering why i have the wait in bold is because
i want to save up my money so i could get an
Processor:FX 55
Sound : Audigy ( i think i will use my old one :P )
Hard drive : 2x 250 (RAID 0 )

-- and now since money is a big issue for me... GOING to University :P (hopefully

Thank you,
System info(s):
Gaming/Work System :
RAM: 2.0Gb
Hard drive: 160 Gb
OS: Windows Vista Home Pre.
Server/Work system:
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2400+
RAM: 1.0Gb
Hard drive: 30 IDE,120 IDE
VIDEO CARD: Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti 4600
OS: OpenSuse 10.2, Windows 2003
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