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Originally Posted by jAkUp
Have you tried the latest patch? It was released a few days ago
The patch fixed a few rendering bugs in the game. Mostly some textures were turning white randomly. Seems to be mostly fixed, but there are still plenty of texture bugs on the buildings and such. What's very awry is this game has some noticeable pop up issues which I find staggering since most PC games today do not have it. It's happens on older consoles though when the draw distance is too far and objects just pop out of nowhere. No modern game should have these sorta problems nowadays on a console or PC.

The controls remain unchanged and horrendously hideous when compared to other games with the same premise. (GTA series) The graphics are a little better than GTA:VC through the use of HDR(sky), pixel shaders(water), and stencil shadowing, but the controls sorta ruin the game. Also, the game isn't a free roaming type affair like GTA which pretty much killed some of the cool gameplay elements from this type of game.
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