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WOW... it looks nicer then mine... oky let me take some screen shots... to show you:P

Alright, i took some pictures... from inside the game...
BUT keep in mind that i have forced AA and AF, were AF is 8x and AA is 2x
The quality has improved... i mean before i forced it it was like as if there was no texture.. i mean it looks like the cars where painted with water color... or

look at picture below, at the red circle.. this is the problem i get... the textures changes... from black to the texture... its sooo odd... :P

TO be honest the water before forceing the AF and AA, wasn't even transparent... it was like a plane with a texture...!
so i guess i have to force the AF, but again the AA stinks.. i mean, 2x... but also my FPS is low.. its around 30! with the current settings...
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