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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by UDawg
Ninja looting!

I have done it TWICE in this last week. I am a good looter even in FFA but I looted paldrones from SM by accident. We went through again and got them for the priest. I felt bad but ya get over it.

Later in Uldaman I looted a 2h hammer by accident. A pally could have used it but I was checking the loot out and pressed the button on the hammer when I wanted the mageweave. LOL It was AH bait for me but the pally needed it. I just said sorry but they keep crying about it and said I should give him some money for it. I said fek that, he can duel me for the money if he wants but I would beat him LOL!

Anyway admit your ninja looting mistakes for all to see.
Its people like you who tend to keep me away from pickup groups. If theres any item, and you cant use it, dont roll - simple as that. If no one can use it, then everyone rolls. Its pointless to grab 2 handed hammer if you either cant or arent going to use it when someone else will. The 80s you got for it isnt that big a deal.
Rangers lead the way.
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