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Default Re: HDA Mystique US Rep Q&A

Originally Posted by BrianG
Most of the owner reviews I have read place its sound reproduction on par with Soundblaster products.

And yes, DDL is a huge deal to those of us that got used to it with the Soundstorm but have since upgraded. Doom3 through Soundstorm was very impressive on my Midiland 5.1 set up, which unfortunately does not have discrete six channel inputs.
I somehow doubt that this soundcard has DACs on par with a modern Audigy board. (People tend to underestimate Creative to say the least.)

As for being a huge deal for some people I don't doubt it (personally I don't really agree with compressing all audio to DD5.1 but that's another story) but saturnotaku clearly stated that he meant to use it with "normal speakers" which I assume is standard stereo desktop speakers.
From that (the stereo desktop speakers) point of view there's absolutely nothing saying that this soundcard should be better than any other.
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