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Unhappy Resolution

Hello all...

I am on RH73, Dell Latitude laptop, 512 meg RAM, PIII 1.2GHZ....

Has the NVIDIA Geforce2GO (16 meg) card in it...

I downloaded the drivers, and all went well with it... however, I can't get any resolution above 1024x768

Under WinXP, I can get the full 1600x1200 (which is what i want)...

when running vmware under xp, Linux gets 1600x1200.... i blew out windows... and would like my 1600x1200 back.

i have modded xf86config-4 - and placed all different depths and resolutions, with no luck.

I even made the resolution 24 with ONLY 16x12, no luck... then took it down to 16... same thing... stuck at 1024x768

i can go BELOW 1024x768, but nothing above.

any ideas?

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