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Default Re: Doesn't anyone make a 128bit memory PCI graphics card anymore?

Yeah its getting really confusing on which models are 64bit or not these days...all the manufacturers seem to be changing their specs. Not all of the 5700LE's are 64 bit (yet)...but all the pci ones seem to be...and pci is the only way my friend can go since he has no agp slot and doesn't want to upgrade the whole system.

Ricercar, and yes Jaton seems to have switched their 5700LE to a 64bit memory bus as well...their whole website has changed within the last week and if you look at their pci 5700LE specs it now says its 64bit even though new egg still says 128 bit. When my friend got his Jaton pci 5700LE card we installed riva tuner and it said it was 64 bit and we also ran a little memory bandwidth utility which said it had a bandwidth of about 3.2GB/s which means 64bit so it looks like Jaton sucks now (at least for pci).

Also, I saw the link to the chaintech 5200 card...that might be a good option if it really is still 128bit...I'll check the chaintech site out to see their specs...although I did that with Jaton and it changed recently enough to where we still got screwed and had to return the card

I appreciate all the reponses though...this really does help. I wish the manufacturers would stop playing these games though and just use 128bit memory or at least all of them should post their real specs on their boxes and on their websites to be clear...its kind of shady of them to use the same model numbers and have some cards perform well and others castrated in performance by cheap memory.
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