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Default Re: 7167 driver does not work with 2.6.11

I don't know about Fedora Core 1, but I have got the 7167 drivers working on vanilla kernel 2.6.11 (and through My distro is Slackware 10.1. Anyways, try doing the following:
  1. update the packages as Zander said
  2. rmmod nvidia
  3. Delete nvidia.ko from /lib/modules/2.6.11/kernel/drivers/video
  4. Make sure the headers in /usr/include are for the right kernel (this mistake, I make very often - I dual boot between 2.4.29 and Rename asm-i386 to asm-i386-old, linux to linux.old, and asm-generic to asm-generic-old. Then copy the correct headers from <Kernel-source-directory>/include
  5. Extract the nvidia installer
  6. Download the latest patch for the NVidia driver and patch the installer
  7. Run nvidia-installer

Good luck!
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