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Default Re: Doesn't anyone make a 128bit memory PCI graphics card anymore?

Wouldn't 128-bit memory on PCI card be useless since the PCI slot is so slow anyway?

My best advice is for your friend to go and buy an AGP motherboard. With the money you spend on the two FX5700LE's, he could've probably gotten one of those Infotek 9550GU for $95 which is basically a 9600 Pro or a used Ti4200 and a cheap AGP motherboard.

How much can a mobo be anyway?? If he's on Socket 462, it's like $40-$45 for a cheap KT600 mobo from like Epox, or like $50-$55 for a NF2 mobo. And if he's on P4, a cheap 865PE can be had for like $70. Pair that with a $50 SH Ti4200, and that Ti4200 would kill any of the cards mentioned by you. In fact, it'd be even faster than a real 128-bit FX5600U or FX5700 on AGP..
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